How to learn to draw a person - step-by-step instructions

Learning to draw a man

People who are fond of drawing are very interested in how to learn how to draw a person. It is not surprising, because every artist should be able to draw people in full growth with a pencil. You can master art at an art school, but if you don’t have time to visit, you can achieve your goal at home.

It takes time to create a good picture of a person. Sometimes even a few wrong touches spoil the finished work, as a result of which time is wasted. If you read the step-by-step instructions and listen to the tips, avoid this fate.

  • Get to know the human figure and learn the proportions. The scheme of the average physique will help in this, which helps to correctly calculate the ratio of body parts.
  • The main unit of measure is the height of the head. To determine the height of a person, multiply the height of the head by eight. You can do it easier by drawing a vertical axis and dividing into eight parts.
  • The first upper segment of the axis is the head, and the fifth mark determines the placement of the inguinal region. As for the location of the knee joints, it is calculated by counting two segments from the bottom point.
  • Women have narrower shoulders than men. The width of the male shoulders in the figure should correspond to two head heights, in the case of women, multiply the indicator by 1.5.
  • The quality of the finished drawing depends on how correctly determine the length of the person’s hands. The distance from the chin to the nails is slightly less than four measuring units. Change the proportions if necessary. It all depends on the physique of the person you are drawing.
  • The shape of the face is built on a similar principle. Using standard ratios of parts of the face as a basis, you can change them, guided by reality.
  • Draw a rectangle on a piece of paper and divide in half using the vertical and horizontal lines. The correct position of the eyes is determined by the horizontal. The distance between the eyes corresponds to the width of the wings of the nose.
  • Learn the basics of human anatomy gradually. In order for the drawn person to have an ideal figure, study the location of muscles and joints. Be sure to consider the bends of the legs and arms, the movement of the muscles that changes the expression on the face.
  • Correctly constructed outlines of the figure complement clothing. If the arm is bent, lay tissue folds in the area of ​​the elbow joint.
  • Consider the stiffness of the fabric. Soft tissue repeats the shape of the body, and dense material creates a relief. therefore fashion costumes drawn differently from t-shirts.

If you want to draw a person beautiful, choose the right angle for the picture. Do not draw large people looking at them from below, and slender models are not recommended to be placed against the background of volumetric objects.

Video training

Drawing lessons from Art Metier. How to learn how to draw a human figure in stages. Drawing lessons.

Be careful about lighting. The shadow should not hide the figure or face, otherwise provide the picture with a comic effect. Feet in the shade give the impression that the human body is floating in the air.

Draw a person in stages with a pencil

Manga style man figure

Continuing the topic of the article, I will tell you the technique of drawing a person with a pencil. The hardest thing to draw is a human face. It is not surprising that only a real artist who studied for several years can draw a portrait. After reading the material, you will not become a professional. But the article will help to master the basics of drawing and learn the intricacies of art.

Some draw people with dashed lines, and then draw around. I recommend drawing lines in one motion. Mistakes cannot be avoided, but fear not.If you intend to portray a moving person, imagine a future image. This will help to correctly draw the contours and lines of the model on paper.

I propose a phased technique for drawing a full-length human figure. Many beginners in the process of drawing, due to lack of experience, distort the proportions of the body. The result is a large head or short arms. After reading the instructions, you will get good drawings.

  1. Draw a quadrangle with an aspect ratio of 3 to 4. Draw a straight line through the center of the figure, and draw a line of shoulders from above. Since the model will be wearing summer clothes, add the outline of the clothes at the bottom of the triangle.
  2. Circle the body parts: knees, shoulders, head and neck. First draw the shape of the head, then the oval of the shoulders and circles of the knees. It is not necessary that the geometric shapes have an exact shape.
  3. Start drawing the outline. At first glance it seems that it is difficult. If you look closely, you realize that you will need two circles for the feet and elbow joints, and two curving lines on each side of the body.
  4. Using the available circles for the elbows and shoulders, draw the hands. If necessary, depict some object in the hands of a person. Feet draw in the same way. During this step, make sure that the proportions of the limbs are correct, since correcting errors is problematic.
  5. To make the figure come to life, remove excess contours using the eraser. If you touch an important line during the process, restore. This stage is simple and interesting. It remains to finish a few details, including the bottom line of trousers, sleeves and the neck of a T-shirt.
  6. Draw clothes and detail the head and face. When portraying garments, add pleats and shadows. As a result, the finished drawing will be realistic.

Use the step-by-step instructions to learn how to draw a person with a pencil. Watch the training videos below to help hone your skills, and talent and developed imagination will create an artistic masterpiece.

Video instruction

How to draw a body. Full option!

I add that image quality depends on the correct layout of parts of the human body. Detailing the picture and adding new elements of the difficulties will not cause.

How to teach a child to draw a person

Photo of a drawing child

Drawing people is not an easy, but interesting activity. In order for a child to have a desire to draw a person, parents need to invent a story and offer to portray the main character. This will interest the child and he will not pay attention to the complexity of the task.

If a child has difficulty choosing a model, he will not refuse to portray a friend. The main thing is that parents come up with a beautiful story for the character. For example, a friend Tanya went to the village to her grandmother and harvested with her. In gratitude, the grandmother gave the granddaughter a puppy named Barsik. The girl and the pet had adventures.

  • Draw a straight line in the middle of the sheet.. The child may have difficulties, so let him use a ruler. Divide the line into two parts. The result is a belt point.
  • At the top end of the line, draw a head. How correctly the child draws it depends on whether you can convey that the shape of the human head resembles an inverted egg. Next, use the ovals to outline the pelvis and torso.
  • Divide the bottom of the line in half. Opposite the point are the knees. Using a ruler, outline the upper and lower limbs. If necessary, depict the arms bent.
  • Sketch the outline of a dress or skirt. As part of the step, detail the girl’s face and draw hair. It is important that the eyes and ears are at the same level. Two horizontal lines will help.
  • Draw the legs and feet in proportion. After drawing the details, take care of the landscape. Draw beds and a basket of crops harvested from grandma.
  • Color the picture. The final stage involves coloring the picture with colored pencils. To get started, circle the pattern with a black pen.Paint your hands, neck and face with a light pink pencil. For lips and cheeks, a dark shade of pink is suitable.
  • Use natural colors for clothing and landscape.. Make the dress blue or blue, the grass green, and the flowers pink. If there is a dog in the picture, make it gray, black or brown.

You have the opportunity to introduce your child to the art of drawing. Perhaps in the future, drawing will become hobby of a childwhich will develop into a professional activity.

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how to draw a man - #cartoon # cartoons

In conclusion, I add that drawing people helps to earn. Do not think that this is unrealistic. I will prove this fact by sharing ways of implementing the idea.

Many magazines, textbooks, and books use drawings that make the reader present the story. If you can draw people, become an illustrator.

Good money brings painting portraits. Engage in these creative activities at home or in public places, including city streets, parks and squares.

If you can bring skills to a new level, create drawings and show at exhibitions. This will increase the likelihood that people who are fond of works of art will acquire one of the works.

Do not forget about the greeting cards used by many companies. Firms need specialists who can make cards attractive to all categories of customers.

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Comics and cartoons are another way to make money. Political cartoons are published in newspapers, and producers use comics to advertise products. You can earn on this.

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