Due to the deep history of the Tatar people, their dishes have acquired many variations. Traditional recipes were preserved in their original form and took some change.

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After a difficult period, full of alarming events, in 2020, most of us will breathe a sigh of relief. After all, the coming year of the White Metal Rat will be favorable for almost all the signs of the Chinese zodiac calendar. However, at the beginning of the year, everything

The protector of 2020 will be the White Metal Rat. The rat is the first sign that opens the cycle of the eastern horoscope. What does it mean? It's time to make plans, start new business. The symbol of the year will make unexpected changes in many areas of life,

Kurdistan is located in the southwest of Western Asia. Kurdistan is not a state - it is an ethnographic territory located in 4 different countries: in eastern Turkey, western Iran, northern Iraq and northern Syria.
INFORMATION! Today, there are Kurds from

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In Chinese culture, the rat was considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity and wealth. The White Metal Rat completes the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese calendar, endowing everyone

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